He broke Kobe Bryant’s nose in an All-Star game.

He shoved and threw down Rajon Rondo, dislocating the Boston guard’s shoulder.

He ran over then-Indiana guard Darren Collison like a freight train as Collison tried to go to the basket.

And that’s just a partial compilation of Dwyane Wade’s dirty plays during his extraordinary but chippy career, all of them happily captured in a YouTube mini-documentary.

Now there’s this:

In the second half of Indiana’s Game 2 Eastern Conference finals victory over the Miami Heat, Wade, trailing the play, jumped up and threw a Jimmy “Super Fly’’ Snuka elbow into Lance Stephenson’s temple.

If there’s not a suspension — or, at the very least, a massive fine — I’ll be willing to engage crazed fans in the small-market conspiracy talk.

Because it was terrible. It was egregious. It was malicious, even if Reggie Miller thought otherwise. It was on purpose, even if Steve Kerr thought it was “inadvertent.’’ And it was vintage Wade, who remains one of the dirtiest players, and biggest whiners, on the Planet Basketball.

I have an admission:

I didn’t see it when it happened.

I monitor the TV broadcast, but there are times when the headphones come off and I’m buried in my computer, trying to make deadline on yet another classic, down-to-the-last-possession games. So I didn’t see it at the time.

It was only when I returned to the hotel room at 3 a.m. that my Twitter feed was blowing up with questions about Wade’s utterly reprehensible hockey move on Stephenson. At which point, a kind follower sent the video link, and it became obvious that Wade had struck again.

There must be a suspension.

At least a fine.

A big one.

There’s always the inclination to dismiss anything that happens to Stephenson because he’s the boy who cries wolf, because every time he’s touched, he goes down and writhes on the ground like he’s been shot by a sniper. Stephenson is like some kind of overly dramatic soccer player who needs to be taken off the field on a stretcher every time he’s accosted.