Mike Wallace has game winning potential. He is big, fast, and can stretch the field. He also drops passes. He led the league in that department last year. He is also not exactly known for being a locker room leader. Or for that matter a team player. At least not 1oo% of the time. That however is not why the Miami Dolphins should skip over the soon to be free agent WR.
The draft is.
There are no guarantees when it comes to the draft. Teams are burned as much by WR’s in the draft as they are any other position. Which is exactly the argument that will be made in favor of signing Mike Wallace. Hear me out for a second though. Yesterdays amazing 40 yard dash times by WR’s at the NFL Combine were not exactly run by track stars. They were run by college football WR’s and they will come at a fraction of the cost signing Mike Wallace will.
Now don’t get me wrong here. If the Dolphins opt for Wallace then that is fantastic. A speedy WR on the outside will do wonders for Ryan Tannehill. But Wallace isn’t exactly Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson, or Julio Jones. He is a one trick pony. A deep threat with blazing speed. He isn’t going to be your go-to guy on 3rd and short any more than he is going to be your go-to guy on 3rd and long. He is going to be your 2nd option.