Q: Longtime reader and Heat fan. We all love Dwyane Wade, but there's no denying he's got a lot of tread on those tires. As someone who's watched his whole career dating back to Marquette, it pains me to watch the clock slowly do its business. If the Heat really want to extend his career as long as possible, is it time for him to take another step down the ladder and let Chris Bosh become the team's No. 2 option, at least for regular season? -- Michael, Miami

A: It's interesting because this issue has come up each of the past two weeks in my conversations with Jorge Sedano on WQAM. Look, I still believe Dwyane is as capable of producing the occasional 40-point game as anyone on the roster, including LeBron James. But I also think such efforts take a toll. And I also think the way Bosh can work in the pick-and-roll, and with his ease of offense, it would make sense to feature Chris more often. But Erik Spoelstra knows more about team chemistry than anyone, and only he truly knows how much can be taken off Dwyane's plate and still have Wade content.