An article in today's News quoted Jim Leyland saying he'd like Austin Jackson to steal more bases this year. There's no doubt he's a pretty fast guy; to cover Comerica National Park like he does, you've gotta have some wheels.

To wit, the Tigers have brought in a "baserunning consultant" for spring training, ostensibly to teach guys -- Jackson very obviously included -- how to steal more bases (although there's probably going to be a "how to better run the bases" bit, too). And really, who doesn't love the excitement of a stolen base? The pitcher starts towards home, the runner takes off, the catcher snaps off a throw, and there's probably a cloud of dust at the end. Fun for the whole family.

Naturally, my eyes gravitated towards the comments section of the page at the bottom, which is normally reminiscent of a car wreck. But, a commenter posted something which made me think, which is a damn rare thing. I didn't really know what the answer to this would be, so let me turn it out to you folks for some ideas.