There was a lot of talk last season about how Great American Ball Park was a boon to Ryan Ludwick's floundering career. And, in some sense, it was. But probably not in the way we would have expected. In 2012, Ludwick produced no matter where he was. His wOBA and wRC+ were essentially even at home and on the road.

Another former Indian came to town this offseason. This time, a lefty. Shin-soo Choo has called Progressive Field/The Jake home since 2006, though 2008 was the first season he topped 300 plate appearances in the majors. In the five seasons since then, he's been better at home, though not much. His splits have wavered back and forth, favoring the road in some seasons. Last year they were essentially even.

So Choo is probably a player who doesn't suffer (or gain) a whole lot from Progressive Field - a park that generally stifles triples and is certainly more hostile to the home run than GABP. Choo isn't going to hit very many three-baggers in any park - averaging just 4-per-162-games over his career.