Shin-Soo Choo has made made several nice plays in center field over the last couple of days, going deep into the gaps to make catches.

Choo's move to center was one of the major questions about the Reds this year. He's had a couple of little blips, but it's been largely a non-factor, particularly lately.

"Every day, I'm more comfortable," Choo said. "I'm still trying to get better always. It's totally different from spring training to now."

The biggest factor?

"Confidence," Choo said. "I'm a lot more confident."

Reds manager Dusty Baker isn't surprised to see the improvement.

"You're supposed to get better," Baker said. "I didn't understand everyone being so critical of him. He hadn't been out there in a long time. The more you play ... you should gets better. He's an athlete and a ball player. I would hope he'd get better."

Choo has had to adjust to new parks, playing in the National League for the first time. He had not played in Nationals Park in Washington, Citi Field in New York or Marlins Park in Miami.

"Most ballparks I've been there before," he said. "But I never played center field there. So in batting practice I check how many steps it is from grass to the wall, how fast groundballs get there."

Baker has seen improvement out of Todd Frazier as well. Frazier is playing third every day for the first time.