One of the storylines we've been monitoring this offseason is the announcement of the NFL's season-opening game, which is set to take place on Thursday, Sept. 5.

For the past decade, the NFL has opened its season with the Super Bowl champion hosting a noteworthy opponent, often the team it defeated in the conference championship the previous year, in primetime on Thursday night.

This year will be different.

The Ravens announced Friday that they were unable to reach a resolution stemming from a scheduling conflict with the Baltimore Orioles, who also are scheduled to host a home game that day (the close proximity of both stadiums makes it a logistical challenge to have two games taking place at the same time).

The Ravens added that they will still open their season on Thursday Sept. 5, which officially puts the Patriots out of the mix because the Ravens-Patriots game will be played in Baltimore this season.

The NFL's full regular season schedule is typically announced in the middle of April.