Hockey analysts don't expect Predators general manager David Poile's solid reputation around the NHL to change whether he keeps All-Star defenseman Shea Weber or not.

Poile has been a general manager for 30 years — including all 14 years of the Predators' existence — and is known for slow, steady franchise-building.

NHL analysts said they expect him to match the offer sheet Weber signed with the Philadelphia Flyers.

The Predators have until 11:59 p.m. Wednesday to decide whether to match the deal, which is $110 million over 14 years, according to a source. It is the second-richest deal in NHL history.

If Nashville doesn't match, it will receive four first-round draft picks.

Poile and the Predators would not comment Friday.

"David Poile is among the point-blank most respected general managers in hockey and has been for a long time," Toronto Star columnist Damien Cox said. "I don't think the industry will view him any differently, whatever he decides on Weber. I can't say how Nashville will see him.

"It's a difficult situation. How does he turn this to the benefit of the Predators? And the easiest way is just match it, keep your superstar defenseman, keep building around him as he's done pretty expertly and go from there."