Andrew Shaw can’t help but smile when he sees someone wearing a sweater with his last name and/or number on it.

“It’s pretty funny. Not long ago nobody knew who I was. Now little kids buy my jersey” Shaw said. “It’s unbelievable. I was that kid buying those jerseys when I was just a little guy saying ‘I want to be just like him.’”

Now Shaw is on the other side of that the guy who despite being passed up in two drafts dreamed big and accomplished big. Shaw’s 2013 season with the Blackhawks was capped by triumph as he hoisted his first Stanley Cup. But there were some tough times off the ice and he drew inspiration from his mother and her battle with breast cancer.

Shaw has developed an almost cult-like status among Blackhawks fans. From the #shawfacts Twitter rage his rookie season to his chuckle-worthy “I love shin pads!” quote at the end of Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final against Boston to his colorful celebratory language Shaw has become a fan favorite. While even the casual hockey fan can appreciate his entertainment value the rest appreciate his game that much more. The 5-foot-11 165-pound Shaw doesn’t fight or antagonize according to size. Big small whatever: If he can get under your skin he’ll do it.