For the longest time Dwight Howard only publicly claimed one child.

After he was spotted in a hospital delivery room with the girlfriend he never claimed (she is an ex-girlfriend now) he had to acknowledge a second child while with the Rockets.

Shortly after that a third kid was acknowledged.

After signing a contract with the Hawks, Howard now publicly acknowledges even more kids that he is a papa to. According to Howard it doesn’t matter how they all came about or that he didn’t claim them for years.

Even the simplest question — how many children do you have — is tricky with him. The internet is awash with estimations of how many the single Howard has had with various women.

His answer: “Five. (The internet speculation) is something I can’t control because there are always going to be rumors here and there. I have five wonderful kids and no matter how they got here, whether that was without marriage or anything like that, one thing I do pride myself on is being a great father to my kids and taking care of my kids.”

It is highly likely that he has more than 5 and don’t be surprise if that number changes just like the original ones have over the years.