The next stop for Logan Couture could be Sochi.

While all his focus is on making sure the San Jose Sharks win the Stanley Cup this season the former 67's centre also is trying to secure a spot with Canada's Olympic team.

If anybody asks Todd McLellan he doesn't mince words.

"I think it's a real motivator for him" the Sharks coach said Saturday. "He wants to play there. He wants to prove to himself that he can do it but he wants to show everybody else as well.

"His teammates are really rooting for him and pulling for him. Do I think he belongs there? Absolutely. I don't think there's a doubt in my mind one bit. He's a very good two-way guy. A guy we trust in every situation."

Couture who attended the Olympic orientation camp in the summer said he's trying not to think about Sochi.

"I'm just focused on having a good start with this team and we've done that so far" said Couture. "The better the team plays the better each individual plays so we're focused on trying to continue this thing we've got going here and we'll go from there."

The key for Couture is on a roster that could be filled with centres he has the ability to play on the wing.

"I've played wing before" said Couture. "I think that guys that follow this team realize that our lines are interchangeable positions the same. There have been times where I ended up on the wing and I'm comfortable."

Told maybe it's time for some players in Canada to pass the torch to guys like Couture McLellan noted he still has to learn.