Shane Doan did not score the goal in Saturday's 1-0 victory over Minnesota, but the way the Coyotes responded after a team meeting he called could play a dominant role in the chase for a playoff spot.

The session took place after a 6-0 loss to Vancouver, which was preceded by a 5-3 defeat against San Jose the night before. Doan said it was "embarrassing" that the team allowed 11 goals in four periods in those two games.

"It's a great team to play on when we're all playing together," he said. "One of the things that makes it fun is we count on everybody. We just re-emphasized how badly we needed everybody.

"It started with (goaltenders) Bryzie (Ilya Bryzgalov) and Barbs (Jason LaBarbera) and then our blue line and then our forwards. There's plenty of blame to go around to every single group. We kind of made sure that every single group knew that they had to be better."

Coach Dave Tippett said it's one thing when the coaching staff tries to make a point, but when the captain and other leaders step in and try to help the situation it's a positive thing.

"Everybody knows how committed Shane is to trying to make this team successful," Tippett said. "All teams go through situations like that, down a little bit, and as a coaching staff, the leadership stepping in and trying to help the situation out is a positive thing, and Shane did that." Defenseman Adrian Aucoin said Doan is a leader in many ways, notably by example.

"You're not going to find too many guys who work as hard as him, and I think that he's proven time and time again with us, when we follow him we play our good games," he said. "We know that, and it's up to us to follow, to make the effort to get to where he's at. Can't put it all on him obviously.