It last happened Feb. 14, and who knows when it will happen again: a Shane Battier two-point attempt.

Since taking a seven-foot baseline floater — he missed it — against the Oklahoma City Thunder in mid-February, the Miami Heat forward has taken 36 consecutive three-pointers, and he has made 22.

This season, Battier has taken 260 shots and 230 have been three-pointers, including 110 three-point attempts out of 123 shots since Jan. 1. Nearly 90% -- 88.5% to be precise — of Battier's shots have been three-pointers, the largest percentage of three-pointers he has taken in his career.

"I don't shoot too many two-pointers anymore," Battier told USA TODAY Sports.

It's no secret the Heat, who have won a franchise-record 16 consecutive games, like to use Battier at the three-point line, but it's even more pronounced this season. For example, 62.7% of Battier's shots were threes last season.