The player in mock drafts most frequently pegged as going to the Trail Blazers is UCLA freshman Shabazz Muhammad, and sure enough, the Blazers were one of the teams that interviewed the controversial wing at the NBA draft combine in Chicago this week.

"They asked me how I liked their team, and I said it was a great team," Muhammad said of the meeting. "I've talked with Damian, I know LaMarcus (Aldridge) is a good guy, and they have (Nic) Batum at the three. I feel like I could really fit well with their program, and I think they are looking for a guy who can do a lot of things like me."

Muhammad said he also interviewed with Toronto, Minnesota and Houston.

Muhammad (6-foot-6, 220 pounds) averaged 17.9 points, 5.2 rebounds and 0.8 assists while sharing the Pac-12 Conference freshman of the year award this season. The 20-year-old was suspended by the NCAA for the first three games of the season and forced to repay $1,600 in impermissible benefits he accepted, and was later shown to be one year older than he initially let on.

He said many of the NBA teams he has interviewed with in Chicago have asked him about the circumstances surrounding his suspension.

"I knew (the questions) were going to come, and that's why I loved these interviews," Muhammad said. "I just wanted to get them out of the way so the teams could know what was going on. A lot of people speculated at how bad I am as a player and stuff like that, but I was glad to clear that up. I got good feedback. I was just telling the truth ... cleared some stuff up. Some of it I didn't even know was going on. I'm a guy who just plays basketball, and some of that was family members taking care of that. Now, as an NBA guy, I can speak for myself."

And now that Muhammad is headed to the NBA, he feels his game can blossom. He said he felt constrained in UCLA's halfcourt offense after growing up as an open-court player. He described his only season at UCLA as "a journey."