I exchanged texts with Aubrey Huff and Ryan Theriot tonight and both said the Giants have invited them to the April 7 World Series rings ceremony at AT&T Park. Huff is coming and Theriot is a maybe because of a prior commitment.

That got me wondering if the Giants invited Brian Wilson, who might have pitched only one game last year but was a full-fledged member of the championship team.

Indeed they did. Senior vice president of communications Staci Slaughter said the club has asked Wilson to come, but has not heard back.

Wilson, the closer on the 2010 World Series championship team, is rehabbing from his second Tommy John surgery last April. The Giants made him a free agent in December by not tendering a contract for 2013, a decision that supposedly upset the pitcher. The Giants said they wanted Wilson back, but not at the $6.9 million they would have been required to pay him had they tendered him a contract. They hoped to re-sign him to a deal with a lower base salary plus incentives.

Now, Wilson is thought to be waiting until the can throw at 100 percent before he throws for teams and attempts to negotiate a contract.

I’m sure Giants fans would love to see Wilson at the ring ceremony. The ball is in his court.