On each player’s chair after the game was an envelope carrying the White House seal. Inside were formal invitations for the Giants’ traditional post-championship White House visit.

They are going July 29. Just as in 2011, the Giants will not see President Obama when they travel to Washington to face the Nationals, but on an off day before the Giants open a six-game trip to Philadelphia and Tampa Bay.

In 2011, the Giants were rolling at 59-43 when they were feted at the White House on July 25. They went 2-4 on their ensuing trip to Philadelphia and Cincinnati to start an 8-17 run that propelled them out of contention.

Some players privately grumbled about having to give up an off day before starting a hot-weather trip in two tough parks in late July. It would have been easier then, as it would be now, if they went to the White House during their scheduled Washington trip, but those dates have conflicted with the president’s schedule.

Perhaps going through that detour two years ago will help the Giants survive it better this time.