It was incredibly disappointing to come so close and stumble with the Lombardi Trophy just out of reach. The 49ers season was filled with ups and downs, but even with some personnel decisions this offseason, the team is situated to remain a contender for the near future. The coaching staff remains in place, the base of the team is locked in and Trent Baalke and company remain in position to do great things with the team's numerous draft picks.

As we look ahead to the 2013 season, the team will need to make adjustments along the way. Even if the entire roster returned, there were flaws on this team that need to be corrected. Part of that is coaching and part of that is execution.

Nobody had a perfect season, and even a Lombardi Trophy would not have had some of the flaws on this team (although it certainly would have helped!). I've broken down some specific labels to describe players and coaches, and what is needed for the coming season.

Enforcer - Dashon Goldson

The 49ers defense has plenty of talent, but part of their play is predicated on the intimidation they bring. Nobody exemplified this more than Dashon Goldson. He is a free agent, but I think the 49ers bring him back in 2013. He has personified the physicality of this team. Opposing fans call him a head-hunter, but we know him to be a technically sound big hitter. There is a dramatic difference between the two.