A Tuesday night preseason game against the Phoenix Suns without both Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant meant only one thing for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

It was Serge Ibaka's time to shine.

The fifth-year forward had a rare chance to be the focal point of the offense an opportunity to flaunt his development by firing up as many shots as his chiseled shoulders could squeeze off.

Yet the most impressive part of Ibaka’s performance was that he didn’t indulge himself in the Thunder’s 88-76 loss inside US Airways Center. Instead he showed patience and poise despite having the ultimate green light for the better part of his 27 minutes.

There were enticing flashes of Ibaka’s growth — moments when he made you think back to remember whether he’s shown a certain skill — but there was even more evidence that he’s still a work in progress.

With the offense essentially turning into a two-man show featuring Ibaka and Reggie Jackson the Thunder put Ibaka in numerous positions to post up and make plays off the dribble two areas that both Ibaka and his teammates say he’s improved.

His final line was 11 points on 5-for-10 shooting a modest output that three of his teammates surpassed. But within that effort Ibaka revealed the makings of a few new weapons that someday might become a part of his expanding arsenal.

Most impressive was Ibaka’s comfort level putting the ball on the floor more frequently when put in isolation situations at the free-throw line area. On one possession he jabbed right against Suns forward Markieff Morris drove left and drew contact earning him a trip to the foul line. On another Ibaka drove right gave a nifty little stutter and finished with a pretty right-handed layup.

“He still has to go with what he does well and that is shoot the ball from the perimeter” said Thunder coach Scott Brooks. “And he’s working on attacking the basket off the perimeter shot. If it’s not open he has to pump fake and he can drive around. Those are the things that I think we can see improvements in this year.”