Milan Michalek couldn't resist the temptation.

When someone did the math on the 11 goals the Ottawa Senators forward had scored in the first 18 games and found out that put him on a pace to score 50 this season, the inevitable question was asked: So, Milan, do you think you'll score 50 goals this year?

Michalek didn't hesitate.

"Yeah, sure," he responded. "No problem."

And then he joined the room in a loud round of laughter.

Michalek knows this is a question better asked when there are 10 or 15 games left in the season, so he's not going to jinx himself now by getting anywhere close to making a prediction. What he is serious about, though, is getting back to the form he displayed in his second and third years in San Jose when he scored 26 and 24 goals and looked ready to take off offensively.