Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk is pulling no punches when discussing his anger about the incident that cost his team Norris Trophy-winning defenceman Erik Karlsson for the remainder of the season.

Melnyk spoke to TSN on Friday regarding the injury that happened when the skate blade of Pittsburgh Penguins forward Matt Cooke cut Karlsson's achilles tendon on Wednesday night when the two bumped along the boards.

"To have him taken out by a goon is unconscionable," Melnyk began. "Whether it was accidental, or whether it was reckless, or whether it was intentional, to me it doesn't matter.

"It's something that never should have happened. This player should never be playing in this league. It's a league for elite players," said Melnyk.

The Senators owner was asked if Cooke, who has been suspended five times by the NHL during his career, is a changed player nowadays.

"I don't buy any of that garbage. Five times? No, we're number six? How about seven and eight? At what point do you say, 'you know what? Maybe he's not changed.' You do this enough times, don't try to convince me or anybody else. People are way too intelligent. The guy gets suspended five times. That's how many times he's been suspended, never mind how many times he's not been suspended.