Bryan Murray is trying to find the right fit for captain Jason Spezza.

The Senators GM told reporters Thursday there has been plenty of interest in the club's No. 1 centre but Ottawa won't make a trade until it gets what it wants in return -- possibly before next week's NHL entry draft in Philadelphia.

Speaking at the Canadian Tire Centre, Murray said two teams-- sources say Anaheim and St. Louis -- have made serious offers for Spezza but discussions are ongoing to get a trade in place.

"There are certain teams that have called, shown some interest and discussing the possibility, but that's about it," said Murray.

"All we do in our business is investigate. When there is a request by a player you investigate possibilities, talk about it, negotiate. And when you negotiate it sometimes takes a week, and not very often it's one phone call, it's many. It appears in this case it will be many."

Murray said: "I have to be somewhat satisfied and I don't think when you trade a player of Jason's calibre that you ever win.