Alternate title: Ottawa Senators and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad game.

Have you ever watched a game so boring, you almost fell asleep? Of course you have. Everyone has. Ottawa vs. Winnipeg was one of those games. Unfortunately, it was also an afternoon game, so unless you stayed up particularly late the night before or are really good at napping, you probably sat and watched the entire thing.

You poor bastard.

Alright, so it wasn't entirely that bad, but this Saturday's Ottawa Senators vs. Winnipeg Jets matchup wasn't very entertaining, either. Whether it was because they were playing in the afternoon, exhaustion from the condensed schedule, or a near-tragic team-wide sleeping pill accident, almost every Senator looked fast asleep out on the ice.

The Jets weren't much more entertaining, but they seemed to care a little more.

For the first two periods, almost nothing happened for either team. Winnipeg had a few decent chances, and then the Senators had a couple alright chances (turning it on for a whole three minutes at the end of the second period), and then there were some more chances for Winnipeg. Then in the third period Winnipeg scored and things got marginally more entertaining from then on. Emphasis on marginally.