Talk about a crowded crease — the Senators are actually carrying five very good NHL goalies right now.

There's Craig Anderson, Ben Bishop, Robin Lehner ... and his two alter-egos.

We learned of the latter while visiting the young Swede's dressing room stall the other day and noticing that his pads, like his sticks, have the signature "The Lehner" etched in them by the manufacturer.

The Lehner? What's with that?

"No comment," said Lehner, a.k.a. "Big Bob, Bobby or Bobin" (to me).

No comment? It sure smells like a story.

"There's nothing to write," he said.

You stop pucks, I decide what's worth writing.

"It's one of my three personalities," he said, jokingly (we think), before heading to the showers with a smile.

Lehner's sense of humour aside, Tuesday morning I did an about-face on the my opinion that the Senators, given the questionable state of Anderson's ankle, can't deal a goalie at the deadline.

Now I think they absolutely can, and should.

Watching Anderson move freely and tend goal at the morning practice, I'm convinced his ankle problem is behind him. He could play Friday in Buffalo. And Lehner, any and all of them, deserves to stay in the NHL. Not only is he the team's goalie of the future, he might be the Senators best present day 'tender.

Bishop to Calgary for Curtis Glencross made a lot of sense until an NHL suit informed us Tuesday the solid, scoring winger is "not available." So now who? Jason Pominville? Drew Stafford? Somebody presently off the radar?

The offers haven't been good enough yet, but Bryan Murray will be tempted to trade Bishop before 3 p.m. If he can get a goal-scoring winger who fits into plans beyond this year, he should do it. Because this year, especially with injured stars returning, the Senators just might have a chance to do something big.