The first question of the Paul MacLean post-game media scrum naturally had to do with the disallowed goal.

The Senators coach stared briefly at the interrogator, then looked away without answering.

A little later, a Montreal reporter tried again. Did MacLean think the Andre Benoit goal waved off by a goalie interference penalty to Jakob Silfverberg should have counted?

This time MacLean looked long and hard at the source of the query, but still didn't say a word.

His silence, as they say, spoke volumes.

Moments earlier, GM Bryan Murray let his feelings be known the Bryan Murray way.

He put them right out there.

"Why was that goal waved off?" he asked loud and clear outside an elevator full of reporters.

He knew the answer, of course, but when Murray was told it was because Silfverberg made contact with Carey Price, he said the rookie didn't even touch the goalie. Likely, he meant there was very minimal contact, which might have been more accurate.

Inside the elevator, Murray was still fuming. He didn't like the officiating all day (did anybody from either side?) and he recited incidents as to why.

When a veteran Montreal reporter chirped: "Can I quote you on that Bryan?" someone else said, "Yeah, and we'll take a collection" (to pay for the league fine), laughter erupted in the elevator.