It will be homecoming weekend for Bobby Ryan.

While the Senators will play the San Jose Sharks Saturday night a lot of eyes will be on Ryan's Sunday return to Anaheim where he played the first six years of his career before being dealt to Ottawa in July.

"I looked up this date when the schedule came out in the summer" said Ryan Friday. "Probably for the reasons that we're going to be there in a back-to-back situation and it's going to be so quick in and out.

"I just decided to worry about other things by letting San Jose and L.A. occupy my mind."

The reality is this will be a chance for Ryan to turn the page on his Anaheim career. It's an opportunity to close that chapter of his life especially when he looks across the ice at faces like Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry.

"It's still weird to watch (the Ducks) play" said Ryan. "I saw David Perron tweeted how weird it was to watch St. Louis play and I felt the same way watching the Anaheim game the other night seeing all the guys.

"You've been there for six years Getzlaf and Perry and those guys. It's not like I need closure on it but to get the game over with will be a good way to move on or to close the book. It feels like a breakup but it's not."

This trip has been a bit of renaissance for the likeable Ryan. All he's heard is how easy travel is in the East and here he is in the West making those long trips that were the norm when he travelled with the Ducks.

His presence here hasn't gone unnoticed. He was lustily booed by L.A. fans after being named a star Wednesday at the Staples Center. Many were at the Kings' practice facility Tuesday to get an autograph and hug.

He isn't sure if he'll be booed by the people in Anaheim.

"Everybody just thought we were on bad terms because of what went (on) the summer beforehand" said Ryan who told a New Jersey paper in 2012 he wouldn't mind being dealt. "We really weren't. There was no dramatic fights.