There is no tangible evidence of “baseball gods” of course. At least nothing beyond the weird-neighbor-saw-a-UFO type of thing. But for a day at least let’s go ahead and acknowledge the following truths:

1. We can’t say for sure that baseball gods don’t exist.

2. If baseball gods do exist they sure do seem to hate Kansas City.

Because haven’t Royals fans suffered enough? Shouldn’t a franchise already working on the longest playoff drought in North American sports be spared a gratuitous indignity in what’s shaping into another string of meaningless games at the end of another season outside the postseason picture?

Apparently not because former Royals prospect Wil Myers is hitting over .300 and tracking for a rookie season as productive as any Royal since Carlos Beltran … and he’s doing it in the middle of the Rays’ lineup … in a playoff chase … for a once-sorry franchise that’s found a way to rebuild and win simultaneously … and on Monday he’ll be doing it at Kauffman Stadium.

Last year Myers received a standing ovation during the Futures Game.

On Monday a snake-bitten fan base is convinced he’ll hit five home runs against them — at least.

This game wasn’t supposed to happen you know. This was supposed to be an off day for both teams. Back in May when this game should’ve been played Myers was still in Class AAA. But they had to reschedule because of all things a snowstorm.

So here comes Myers all grown up now one of the American League’s better young hitters in the ballpark he was supposed to become a star.