If this is his final National Hockey League season, at least Henrik Sedin is still doing everything he can to help the Vancouver Canucks.

The 37-year-old captain said he and his brother Daniel will try to accommodate management’s request to know by the Feb. 26 trade deadline whether the Sedins will return next fall for their 18th seasons with the Canucks.

But Henrik Sedin, speaking to a crush of reporters ahead of tonight’s game against the Los Angeles Kings, said the best the brothers can probably do is give general manager Jim Benning an indication of their intentions and not a firm promise to play or not.

"I think you can maybe lean a certain way," Henrik said. "More than that, it’s tough. If we have an idea, we’ll be up front with the people that need to know."

Since they began this final season of their four-year, $28-million contracts, the Sedins had said they would decide on next season when this one ends.

But with trade-deadline decisions to make that will affect next year’s roster, Benning last week asked the Sedins’ agent, J.P. Barry, if the twins could provide an indication of their intent before Feb. 26.

The Sedins have always said they’d like to keep playing as long as they’re productive and feel the Canucks have meaningful roles for them during the organization’s rebuild.

Even with an unprecedented number of offensive prospects playing their way towards the NHL, the Canucks are far from having nine forwards better than the Sedins. Both are among the Canucks’ top four in scoring this season, Henrik with 32 points in 47 games and Daniel with 30 in 46.