You really wonder what the Sedin twins have to do to earn some respect in this league.

Do they have to carve somebody with their stick or run somebody over. Do they have to play like Brad Marchand before the abuse stops?

One is a Hart Trophy winner, both have Art Ross trophies and Daniel is a candidate for the Hart again this year. They make a $1.5 million Cdn donation to Children's Hospital in Vancouver between them, have never had anyone in the game say a negative word about them yet Mike Milbury on U.S. national television refers to them as 'Thelma and Louise,' just because they happen to be having a tough stretch. Were it not for their play in the San Jose series and early in the Chicago series, there's a good chance the Canucks don't even get to this final to give him the opportunity for such comments, yet still they come.

Seriously, what other finesse players in the history of the league have taken this much abuse when they have a string of bad games? Do you have to play like a North American just to have people properly identify your sexuality?

Needless to say the Vancouver players were not amused.

"Who cares what he thinks," said Cory Schneider, an American as well as Milbury despite the latter's appearances on Hockey Night in Canada. "If he'd been their general manager he would have traded them in their first year anyway like he did with everyone else. "One guy is a Hart trophy winner and the other is up for it this year and we have complete faith and confidence in these guys. Who cares what he thinks?