There's a reason only three teams in NHL history have managed to scale a three-games-to-none gorge.

It's onerous enough to win four in a row during the regular season. That's while munching on cupcakes sprinkled into the schedule.

The Canucks did it just twice this year, without counting shootouts.

Now, they must accomplish it against a playoff team, and one that seems to give up odd-man rushes about as often as it's high tide. The Canucks also have to break, for three more games, a goalie who was among the game's most unbreakable this year. Jonathan Quick also, arguably, has yet to steal the L.A. Kings a game.

Is that all?

The possibility of this comeback the Canucks have to believe in may not be in the land of the impossible. But it borders it. It seems inconceivable, overwhelming even. It requires the Canucks to make history.

But with that, and those preposterous odds, comes rare opportunity. And it's one which the Sedin twins have to embrace. At this point, they have no choice.

What they do have is a chance to finally carve their names into some postseason lore.

"If we would be able to do it, it would be something extremely special," Henrik said. "We know how tough it is. But how special it would be is something we think about.

"To win it all, I believe at some point in the playoffs, you have to do something very special. And that point, for us, is right now."