We all know why the Sedins are at least saying they are keen to kill penalties and take more defensive zone faceoffs this season and it’s all for the right reasons.

As leaders of the team they are keen to set the right tone with the new coach to get in line with what he wants to do and get the season off on the right collective foot.

And in a piece with our Jason Botchford found in these confines they gave their reasoning that this is what they had always done in Sweden and saw no reason to believe that they couldn’t do it over here. And as such it is almost certain they are perfectly sincere with their agreement with John Tortorella that they should participate in all aspects of the forwards’ game and not be given any exalted status that might have been perceived or resented in the past.

But there’s a problem here. While it’s reasonable for them to feel that way and for the coach to feel the way he does even though he doesn’t seem to have grasped the fact he isn’t in New York anymore isn’t it also reasonable to extrapolate that if they do become more involved in killing penalties and spending more time in the D zone that their production is likely to drop?

After all while they are very good they are not supermen something which has been quietly outlined to us in each and every playoff series they have ever played in this league short of Henrik’s five-game rage against the dying of the light against L.A. 17 months ago.

Adding to that reasonable supposition is the fact they are one year older playing against a tougher schedule than ever before and they have an Olympics to play halfway around the world before they once again have to be at their best when it counts. And in those playoffs next April they will have to do more than they’ve ever done in the past for this team to accomplish its ultimate goal — which is get out of the first round and keep going.

But no let’s not think rationally here. Let’s everyone sit around pretending that they will be playing in a pretend league with pretend bodies and that somehow the Sedins will be able to do all things and be all things to all people in this wonderful Fantasy league with imagined results.

It may happen just as they’ve imagined for a few games perhaps even half a season if everything goes wonderfully well. But the chances of it all coming off are about as likely Henrik punching Zdeno Chara into submission which come to think of it may as well be included in his list of duties from Tortorella this season.

So the question becomes why? Why this extended stay in Fantasyland?

Well perhaps there’s a reason why the Sedins don’t want to talk reality here. There’s a reason why nobody (re: their agent J.P. Barry) on their side of the issue is speaking up and saying ‘hold on here if you want these guys to kill penalties and take draws in the D zone more you have to expect there might be a reduction in production.’ And it’s all pretty simple.