Patriots right tackle Sebastian Vollmer banked on his health, durability and performance when he signed his contract extension this week.

If his back, knee, the remainder of his 206 bones and however many ligaments hold up over the next four seasons, he’ll join the Pats in exultation because he’ll have earned a deal that pays him as one of the best in the business.

Otherwise, not so much.

Vollmer wasn’t worried about that yesterday when he discussed his new deal for the first time. More than anything, Vollmer harped on the notion that he was “happy” to re-up with the Pats — six times, actually — and that’s something he wanted throughout the process, even during the exploratory negotiations before he hit the open market.

“I’m not going to go into details about what the contract is,” Vollmer said. “I think I’m just happy to be here. Obviously, you go into a season, (and) you’re trying to be healthy. You do everything you can. Sometimes you can’t help it. Other things you can prevent with certain preparation. Obviously, as players, we do everything we can to stay healthy and prepare ourselves for the contact and physicality of the sport. Obviously, I’ve continued to do that.”