In a dramatic, last-minute move, Chris Hansen, head of the Seattle group bidding to buy the Sacramento Kings, announced he is increasing his bid by $75 million, bringing the total valuation of the team to $625 million, by far an NBA team sales record.

Hansen, posting on his website, called the increase "an effort to further demonstrate the extent of our commitment to bring basketball back to Seattle."

Hansen also guaranteed the team, if located in Seattle, would not seek to be a revenue collector as part of the NBA's revenue sharing program.

"In conjunction with our revised offer, we have also guaranteed to the NBA that the Franchise would be a revenue sharing payer in all years in Seattle," Hansen said in a statement.

The move by the Seattle group to bolster its offer comes less than a week before the NBA Board of Governors is scheduled to meet in Dallas to vote on whether or not to let the team move to Seattle.

A league committee voted last week 7-0 to recommend against the move, prompting speculation that the Hansen group would have to sweeten its offer in hopes of persuading the league to let it conclude its existing deal to buy the team from the Maloof family and move to Seattle.

Eric Rose, a spokesman for the current Kings owners, said the Maloof family would have no comment on the deal. But a source close to the Hansen bid said Hansen and the Maloofs have discussed the increased offer, and the Maloofs have accepted it.

Hansen's latest move vaults his bid far beyond the amount being offered by the competing Sacramento group.

The statement did not offer any details of his revised deal with the Maloofs. However, it appears the amount the Maloofs and their partner Bob Hernreich would receive under the new offer is $406 million for the 65 percent of the team they control, up from $357 million under the last version of Hansen's evolving bid.

The Sacramento group's offer remains at $341 million to the Maloofs and Hernreich, the amount that Hansen had originally agreed to pay.

Despite the financial gap between the two bids, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson said he remains "very confident" the city will prevail.