For those who figured Sean Payton would make the most of his season-long suspension by coming up with several new innovative wrinkles to bring back to the New Orleans Saints, it's already begun. In the weight room.

The high-intensity CrossFit workouts that helped Payton get into the best physical shape of his life have inspired a new approach to the Saints' offseason workout program.

The Saints' new workouts now include both the rapid series of various high-intensity workouts, but also the spirit of competition that CrossFit promotes.

Players will sometimes "draft" teams that might be made up of an offensive lineman, a defensive back, a receiver and a quarterback, etc. Then they will compete against each other to finish the circuit in the fastest time.

"It's different for all of us. So it was a challenge. But it's brought us together, too," Saints linebacker Martez Wilson said. "There were times where we competed with teams of like nine and 10 people, and you had to depend on your teammate. ... Then it's all about putting them in the correct order and seeing who's good at what.

"So that was a team-building thing off the field. And you know we're all competitive."

A "circuit" might include a series of 300 rows on the row machine, then getting up and doing 10 squats, then 10 cleans, then a set of box jumps, then exercises with a heavy rope, then a 300-yard sprint.

"It's crazy," cornerback Jabari Greer said. "And it was tough at first."