A summary of the week that was (very slow) for the Seattle Seahawks.

Top news story: Quarterback Russell Wilson was added to the NFC's Pro Bowl roster, replacing Atlanta's Matt Ryan, who suffered a shoulder injury during the conference championship game.

That gave Seattle six Pro Bowlers for this weekend's game, matching the third-highest total of any season in franchise history.

Worst news story: Russell Wilson's contract. This one was pretty mind numbing. Chris Mortenson reported on ESPN's "Sunday Countdown" that Wilson's agent had requested his client's contract be reworked ASAP. This is not an unreasonable idea considering Wilson was not only playing on a rookie deal, but a third-rounder's rookie deal. He's scheduled to earn less than $600,000 next season. That request, however, would be impossible under the current Collective Bargaining Agreement, which prohibits revising a rookie contract until that player has played the first three years of it. Not only that. It never happened according to the team, the agent that represents Wilson in football matters and Wilson himself.

The Seahawks declared the report erroneous before the program was even over. Wilson's agent for football matters – Bus Cook – got on the horn to tell Ian Rapoport of NFL.com he was irate and the report was something you don't want to step in, and Wilson himself reached out to Peter King of Sports Illustrated to say it was bogus. Well, I now have an easy answer to anyone who wonders about the lull that accompanies the end of the season. What lull? After all, you can spend two days following the latest twists spawned an anonymously sourced report about a contract renegotiation that COULD NOT HAPPEN.

Transactions: None. At least none that were announced.

Player spotlight: "We got him," general manager John Schneider told another Seahawks employee.

Now, this was the week before the Seahawks playoff victory at Washington and the assumption was that perhaps this was somebody to help with the playoff push. A pass rusher, perhaps. Maybe a linebacker.