In the days leading up to the Dec. 15 game, Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride explained the Seattle defensive backfield was so good in part because the Seahawks hold and grab on every play and it was up to the receivers to fight through the hand-to-hand combat.

Those comments by Gilbride were brought up Wednesday to Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman as he and his team prepare for Sunday’s NFC Championship against the 49ers.

“I think we cover more than we hold,’’ Sherman said. “I think he’s a guy that’s a little bit bitter. His team didn’t score any points in that game, so you find a way to explain that to save your job.’’

Well, Gilbride, who retired, did not save his job and the 23-0 loss to the Seahawks was perhaps the worst offensive performance in a season full of them. Sherman got two of his eight interceptions in that game — two of the five the Seahawks got in that defensive masterpiece at MetLife Stadium. One more win and Sherman gets to return to the scene of one of his more memorable performances.