Before each of the meetings against the Seahawks this season, the 49ers beat writers have requested to speak Seahawks ever-chatty cornerback Richard Sherman on a conference call.

Each time, however, Sherman wasn’t made available and we spoke with safety Earl Thomas and quarterback Russell Wilson, respectively.

Sherman, of course, is a compelling figure in the 49ers-Seahawks series given his not-so-cuddly relationship with Jim Harbaugh, his former coach at Stanford, and the fun he’s had at the 49ers’ expense in the teams’ last two meetings.

In the Seahawks’ 42-13 win in December, Sherman had an interception, returned a blocked field goal for a 90-yard touchdown and limited Michael Crabtree (4 catches, 65 yards). In Seattle’s 29-3 win in September, Sherman made Anquan Boldin invisible (1 catch, 7 yard), celebrated an interception by boogying on the sideline with the SeaGals and patted Harbaugh on the rear after the game.

“I slapped him on the butt,” Sherman said. “He turned around and gave me the wave, and that was it. I didn’t hear anything.”

After that Week 2 blowout, Sherman also had a message for those who had predicted a 49ers’ victory.

“You see how smart they are,” Sherman said. “They might not have watched the last game that we played them. I don’t know what the score was, you guys know? It wasn’t that dissimilar from this score, was it? OK, just making sure.”