Scott Studds, the general manager of Seacrets, has seen the video and read the various media reports about what happened to a few Ravens at his Ocean City bar over Memorial Day weekend, and he said he wanted to set the record straight.

“I got the [NFL] league office checking in with me and I just said, ‘This isn’t right,’ ” Studds said. “These guys didn’t do anything wrong.”

TMZ Sports reported Wednesday that Ravens wide receiver/kick returner Jacoby Jones and running back Bernard Pierce were kicked out for drinking heavily at the popular Ocean City hangout.

The story, which also said Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith was at the bar but was not asked to leave, included video of a Seacrets security official speaking with Jones. It’s unclear in the video whether the security official is ushering the former Pro Bowl kick returner out of the bar.

Studds said what the video, which he said was taken on a customer’s cellphone, shows is a member of the bar’s security team asking Jones about an incident that occurred in the area where several of the Ravens were hanging out.

“There was incident in the area and a couple of those guys were asked if they saw anything or if anything was happening,” Studds said. “It wasn’t even an altercation. A couple of young ladies were saying guys were pestering them. [The incident] wasn’t a big deal. It was [the Ravens’ players] and other people that our guys were questioning. We didn’t kick any of them out. We didn’t ask any of them to leave.”

Studds was not in the part of the bar that security officials responded to at the time. However, he said he was briefed on the situation by his staff and he asked more questions in subsequent days when the story started to get more attention.

He said he decided to reach out to The Baltimore Sun and discuss the matter after he got a call Friday from NFL security asking about the incident.

“This thing has gotten some legs obviously and I wanted to set the record straight,” Studds said. “The thing has gotten out of control and what was reported was completely incorrect. They were not intoxicated or inebriated. They were fine.”

Studds said he thinks the Ravens left shortly after the incident in question, but that they returned later in the night and waited in line for at least 45 minutes to get into the bar.