Davis Webb's football career has been both consistently twisting and promising. He's seen a lot, experienced impressive successes, and suffered through injuries and a frustrating rejection.

So don't assume that he doesn't understand the conflicted emotions, complications, and potential pratfalls he faces as a graduate transfer from Texas Tech to California with a momentary verbal pit stop in Colorado.

As he noted, "This isn't my first rodeo."

Webb is the son of a Texas high school football coach, and that included an early exposure to the cold business of football. He was the junior starter at Keller High School, but when the staff at Keller was fired, he followed his dad, Matt, to Prosper High for his senior year. It could have been an uncomfortable situation.

"[Webb] deals with his teammates exactly how you'd want your quarterback to," then-Prosper head coach Kent Scott told Fox Sports in 2013. "He was only here for one year, but you'd have thought he has been here since kindergarten."

Webb's philosophy on winning over a new team and quickly assuming the leadership mantle is pretty simple.