Matt Williams talked after Sunday's loss to the Philadelphia Phillies about bench bat and backup outfielder Scott Hairston being close to returning from the DL. Hairston, who has been rehabbing from an oblique strain, played his third game for the Triple-A Syracuse Chiefs on Sunday, going 0 for 4 with a K.

Williams told reporters they would talk to Hairston to see how he felt before making any decisions on calling the 33-year-old outfielder back up.

"He played today," Williams explained. "So we'll evaluate after the game today and see where he's at. But we'll have to talk to him. He made it through nine innings though. So, we'll see. We'll talk to him, see how he's feeling and make a decision."

Williams did, however, say that Hairston offered a skill set that could help the Nationals, who've dealt with a number of injuries to everyday players in the first month-plus of the 2014 campaign.