As long as the Red Sox do not change their minds about Jackie Bradley Jr., agent Scott Boras is going to have a couple of real good reasons to pay close attention to the outfield on Opening Day.

Jacoby Ellsbury will be in center field and Bradley is expected to be in left. Ellsbury’s 2013 stint may well be his last here: He is a free-agent-to-be.

Bradley, no matter how long his 2013 stint lasts, is expected to become the center fielder of the future. Both are Boras clients and he sees only good outcomes.

“We definitely see those two players co-existing on the Red Sox,” said Boras yesterday. “They are quite a force for the team.”

There is no question in Boras’ mind about which of the two should be in center field.

“Both these guys are so athletic but obviously Jacoby is the one with experience in this league and that’s very important at that position,” said Boras. “I don’t think Jackie minds playing in the major leagues if that means flanking Jacoby Ellsbury. I think he would be very happy if that came to pass.”

How long the two co-exist all depends on how long Ellsbury stays. Few believe that Ellsbury will not test the open market. Fewer believe the Red Sox will make a pre-emptive strike to convince Ellsbury to forego that opportunity. Boras has spoken with general manager Ben Cherington “a little” this spring about a contract extension for Ellsbury.

“Ben knows that Jacoby is happy there and we agreed that we’re both going to talk about his status at the end of the year,” said Boras.

As of yesterday, Boras, just like everybody, was awaiting official word about the status on the 25-man roster for Bradley. That may take until tomorrow afternoon but Boras does not think the decision will be too difficult.