Forward Luis Scola, who spent seven seasons with Tau Ceramica of the Spanish league before joining the Rockets in 2007, said Friday he would play overseas next season if there is a protracted NBA lockout.

"I'll play somewhere next season," Scola said after the Rockets' meeting with NBA Players Association director of player programs Purvis Short. "I'm a basketball player. That's what I'll do. If it is in Houston, that would be better. That's what I want, but I will play."

Scola is optimistic the league and union will come to an agreement. Though Short said the meetings are to help keep players informed, he added that he hopes for progress in negotiations after the meeting during the All-Star break.

"It's in the early stages. Both sides are trying to get together and negotiate a deal," Short said. "Right now, it's slow. Not much is happening. We're hopeful that after All-Star weekend there will be much more progress.

"The reaction has been very good. Players have been very inquisitive. ... It's our responsibility to make sure they have been informed. ... We have to make sure they understand what the issues are."