Just like his client, the agent for goalie Cory Schneider is not about to criticize the Vancouver Canucks for the team's handling of its goaltending situation.

But Mike Liut, himself a former goalie, clearly hopes the uncertainty regarding a possible trade of Roberto Luongo does not hang over the team and Schneider all season.

"Our concern is we were hoping that this would be the year that Cory would play 75 per cent of the games," Liut said in a phone interview Monday from his Michigan office.

"We are only interested in resolution, we are not going to get into the finger-pointing game and to that end you have to take a step back and you have to give them latitude to make a business decision."

As much as Liut would like a quick resolution to the matter, he's not entirely convinced that's going to happen.

"Is Roberto going to be there all year?" Liut said. "It's certainly looking like he's going to be or both will be there until the (April 3) trade deadline. What happens after that, we'll have to react to that. But my concern is in the obvious, we have a 48-game season and you've got two goalies of their stature.

"Roberto is established, everybody knows what he can do, and you've got another one in Cory, who hopes to get an opportunity to play (as a No. 1) for the first time, and we've got this fractured season."

None of this comes as a complete surprise to Liut. Late last April, just days after the Canucks were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs by the Los Angeles Kings and the organization had made it clear it planned to move forward with Schneider as its No. 1 goalie, Liut told The Vancouver Sun that he wouldn't be surprised if both goalies started this season with the Canucks.

"It was within the realm of possibility for a variety of reasons, one of which is trading a player of Roberto's stature is never an easy trade because of the consideration of what you are expecting to come back," Liut said Monday. "He's an elite player in the league. Then there's another layer with his contract and yet another layer with the new collective bargaining agreement … It’s just not an easy contract to trade. I think it's doable, but it isn't an easy trade. So am I surprised? I am too pragmatic to be surprised. I kind of subscribe to the best laid plans (go awry) adage, you know."

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