Cory Schneider hasn't cast an absentee ballot for the U.S presidential election Tuesday because the Massachusetts native knows his state is a stronghold for incumbent Barack Obama.

"Massachusetts is heavily Democratic, so it doesn't matter and I probably won't vote this time around," the Vancouver Canucks goaltender said Monday following a UBC practice with the Thunderbirds. "I've watched all the debates and have been paying attention to all the coverage. I enjoy it. It all impacts us.

"It's not necessarily picking sides for me, it's who you feel is best to run the nation and represent your country."

As a member of the 31-player NHL Players' Association negotiating committee — which maintained guarded optimism following a conference call Monday in advance of high-level negotiations resuming Tuesday — Schneider was asked which presidential candidate would make a better league commissioner than Gary Bettman to end the 51-day lockout

"Good question," he chuckled. "Obama. He seems more likeable, but [Mitt] Romney is a better numbers guy, so you never know."