Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano hung up on Detroit reporters during a teleconference Wednesday after a question about the MRSA outbreak that infected at least three players.

He answered the question, then hung up fewer than 6 minutes into the call. That's roughly half the length of the average weekly call.

No coach has hung up during the session in years.

"There's so much misinformation about that whole issue -- not just with our instance, but in general. The fear that people with a lack of understanding," Schiano said when asked about the MRSA.

"The reason I can say that is I didn't understand. But MRSA is everywhere, and it's a matter of practicing good habits and hygiene and all that stuff. I think we're doing fine with that. Unfortunately, it affected some of the players and their health, and certainly our environment here as far as distractions go.

"I'm glad that's in the rear-view mirror, and this team's doing nothing but looking forward. Guys, I appreciate it, I'll see you on Sunday."

The Detroit Lions (6-4) host Tampa Bay (2-8) on Sunday at Ford Field.