It seems like at the beginning of every season we expect the San Diego Chargers to be an elite team with Super Bowl aspirations -- and yet each year they disappoint with inconsistency and underachieving play.

Well, big changes finally came this offseason when ex-head coach Norv Turner was replaced by former Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy and former general manager A.J. Smith was replaced by Tom Telesco (the organized dubbed it a "needed culture change"). Both new guys are young and enthusiastic, though neither has previously served in their respective positions.

After years of perceiving that San Diego's roster is stacked with good players, the reality is that the Chargers lack depth and have many veterans who aren't playing up to expectations. As a result, even though they don't want to admit it, the Chargers look like they are in a rebuilding phase, and progress may have to come gradually by building through the draft.

Given the new personnel, there will be significant scheme and philisophical changes this season in San Diego. After studying the film, here's what I expect to see on both sides of the ball in 2013.