It's rare enough that an NFL team gets three straight home games, and certainly rarer still that a team goes winless in such a three-game stretch, as the Bucs would do with a loss Sunday against the Bears at Raymond James Stadium.

The Bucs haven't lost home games three weeks in a row in 40 years, since their inaugural season in October 1976, when Tampa Bay took home losses to the Seahawks, Dolphins and Chiefs. Since then, they've had nine three-game home stands, and they've won at least one game each time, going a combined 15-12. They've gone 3-0 twice, doing so in the strike-shortened 1982 season and on the way to winning the Super Bowl in 2002.

Across the NFL, teams have lost at home in three straight games just 12 times since 2002, less than once a year -- the Titans actually lost at home in four straight games last year.