Blake Griffin has some disturbing news for the rest of the NBA.

He didn't know much about playing in the league a year ago.

Sure, he averaged 22.5 points, 12.1 rebounds and 2.6 dunks a game as a league newbie, became the first unanimous winner of Rookie of the Year in more than two decades, jumped over a car to win the Slam Dunk Contest and made all of it look ridiculously easy.

But on the afternoon Griffin met with the media during his youth basketball camp, the Oklahoma City native admitted he had to learn as he went last season.

"A year ago today, I obviously hadn't had any games under my belt and I was still rehabbing," said Griffin, who was still working to strengthen a surgically repaired left knee that had sidelined him for an entire season. "That was the biggest thing — all last summer, I had to rehab and make sure my knee was ready. This summer, it's all been about skill work and improving in every aspect.

"Hopefully, the improvement I make is significant."

Brace yourself, NBA.