Santonio Holmes comes with a monster price tag and not just the $7.5 million the Jets are paying him this season.

Holmes is a blend of playmaker problem child and enigma who sometimes makes you wonder whether the price is worth the payoff. The price comes in the form of comments like the ones Holmes made Thursday when he pointed a finger at quarterback Geno Smith and the rest of the offense. The payoff comes in games like he played two weeks ago against the Bills when he caught the game-winning touchdown.

But the instances of Holmes putting the Jets on his shoulders have been outnumbered by dustups with teammates or a poor choice of words to the media.

The Jets gave Holmes a five-year $45 million deal in the summer of 2011. Since then he has played 24 games. In that time he has gone over 100 yards receiving just twice including the 154-yard performance against Buffalo. He has had more than six catches in a game just once has not recorded more than one touchdown in any game and has a total of 10 scores.

On Thursday Holmes took a dig at the Jets’ offense and Smith the rookie quarterback in particular. Holmes was held to just one catch last week against the Titans but as usual it wasn’t his fault. It was the person throwing it to him or the fact he was double-covered not his inability to get open.

“I played 49 plays and all I know is that I had one catch. That’s all I can attest for” Holmes said. “It’s the offense’s job. I can’t throw it to myself and catch it otherwise I would.”

He added he is often double-covered and that takes him out of the play because the quarterback moves to the next receiver in his reads. Funny you don’t hear other No. 1 receivers such as Calvin Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald complaining about double-teams.

“It’s just immaturity” one member of the Jets organization said about Holmes’ recent comments.

At 29 Holmes should be beyond maturity problems. But he showed his maturity level again Friday morning when he took to Twitter to voice his displeasure with the way his comments had been reported.
“What a great morning 2 awake 2 hear the media frenzy about Holmes quitting on his team and he sucks and he always blaming someone else” he wrote.

He kept going: “For the record. This media stuff never distracts me I hate that our #NyJets fans have to read this ‘crap’ when things aren’t going good.’’

He went on to retweet any fans that sided with him and blasted the media while ignoring the tweets that called him overrated.