Pablo Sandoval went from the international stage, where his Venezuelan team bowed out of the World Baseball Classic, to an exhibition game against the Padres two days later.

How does one adjust to the shift in intensity?

"All games for me are big," Sandoval said Tuesday. "It's just as easy."

The third baseman was eager to try out his new orange and gray SSK glove. One of his first chores on his first day back was sticking the glove into a microwave to soften the leather. "Twice a day when it's new," he said. "I saw people doing it, so I started doing it. It works."

Sandoval could have had an easy day. Check in, take some swings, a few grounders. Didn't happen that way. He wasn't in Bruce Bochy's original lineup, and he approached the manager and asked to play.

Playing winter ball, six spring training games and three WBC games before returning to the Giants on Tuesday, Sandoval isn't lacking for playing time. Still, his fitness always is an issue. Asked if he's happy with Sandoval's conditioning, Bochy said he needed to see him more before commenting: "Ask me in another day."