With neither quarterback distinguishing himself in camp great emphasis will be placed on preseason games as Mark Sanchez starts the opener on Friday in Detroit.

“I think I earned the right to start this first game and we’ll see how it goes from there” Sanchez said. “I’ve got to keep playing well to stay on the field and that’s the plan.”

Sanchez already has his eyes cast far beyond the first preseason game. He told the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday “Once we get in the playoffs this year we’ll make a little run.”

Asked about his comments Sanchez said “I mean you have to have that mentality that this team is built to last that we’re built to make a strong run and get hot at the right time to sustain some injuries and then move on from it and get guys healthy as soon as possible” Sanchez said. “I feel like we have the talent to make that happen and now it’s about realizing that talent on the field and going out and playing well.”

Jets fans showed they weren’t ready to forget Sanchez’s many errors in 2012 when they booed him at an intrasquad scrimmage on Saturday. Rex Ryan however believes in giving his veteran quarterback a clean slate.

Some believe the Jets’ QB competition will rest on the performance of Geno Smith in preseason games but Ryan stated he will will stick to the here and now when evaluating Sanchez.

“I think you’re in a different system. We’ll see how he is in this system how things work out in this system. I am in there with an open mind” Ryan said. “Sure I know what’s happened in the past. But if you really are focused on the past am I supposed to go back one season? Or how far am I supposed to go back? To me I’d rather focus on the present and what’s in front of us to do evaluating.”

That has to be music to Sanchez’s ears. After throwing 18 interceptions last season to go along with just 13 touchdown passes the fifth-year quarterback needs Ryan’s memory to be selective — or an extremely short one — and relegated to his first two seasons when he reached the AFC Championship Game.